Mr. Stanley Ko

Mr. Stanley Ko, Managing Director, NeoMechanics

Mr. Stanley Ko, Managing Director, NeoMechanics

Managing Director, Founder, Inventor

Stanley is a 57 years old Hong Kong citizen. This story started back some two decades ago when Stanley first met the original inventor from Korea. During the initial development stages Stanley provided the funds necessary to conduct R&D operations, subsequently he also personally joined this research work, until “Ultimate Seal” was created and perfected for patent applications. In collaboration with the Inventor, Stanley then focused his attentions in exploring all possible commercial applications for this technology; thus becoming an inventor in his own right.

Hong Kong being a very successful international business hub, Stanley had no major difficulty in convincing his associate to use this commercial center as their base; this action greatly simplifying the entry of “Ultimate Seal” technology into the Chinese market, as a step stone, with forthcoming global business opportunities, next.

In order to commercialize the technology, Neo Mechanics Limited was thus found in 2011. With great passion and persistence, Stanley has since built a strong team of technology and marketing experts. As the leader of this Company, one of Stanley’s tasks, in co-operation with patent attorneys, is to supervise and to secure the necessary patents for all those applications deriving from “Ultimate Seal” technology.

Mr. Moses Chang

Mr. Moses Chang, Chief Technical Consultant, Inventor

Mr. Moses Chang, Chief Technical Consultant, Inventor

Chief Technical Consultant, Inventor

Moses is a 78 years old serial inventor, citizen of South Korea. In his early years, Moses majored in nuclear engineering, but was unable to complete his doctoral degree in Japan, due to his father’s premature death. To support the family, he sought employment with IBM, and underwent training in America, as chief engineer, for the maintenance of IBM’s mechanical computer, which was able to calculate up to about 5,000 times/second, mechanically.

Moses perfected his mechanical engineering knowledge through local working applications. Moses became so impressed by the highly automatic mechanical computers capable of very accurate movements, under extremely high speed, able of handling the punching of holes on the fragile apposite papers, so precisely. In the 70’s, Moses decided to return to Korea to start his own machine building business, and in the 90’s, he found the solution to prevent engine pistons from scratching cylinders’ wall, a problem usually caused by the misalignment of crankshafts, with a resulting fuel saving record of up to 22%.

Moses filed his first patent in US, and later-on developed the first perfect engine piston sealing system: “Ultimate Seal”. After realizing this technology had more extensive applications, Moses decided to focus his future research on developing technologies based on the special characteristics of Ultimate Seal for applications to different industrial fields of business.

Management Team

Stanley Ko
Managing Director
Inventor, Seasoned Entrepreneur
Jamil Sheikh
Financial Controller
FCA, Reputable Financial Advisor
Dr. Rerrario Ho
Chief Technical Officer
PhD, Experimental Physics
Steven Siu
Chief Operations Officer
MSc, Total Quality Management
David Tang
World Marketing Officer
Experienced Business Consultant
Ivan Liu
China Marketing Officer
MSc, Management, Beijing University
Pun Shi Ning
Chief Engineer
BSc, Mechan/Electrical Engineering
More than 25 years as Engineer


Advisor Board

Moses Chang
Chief Technology Advisor
Original Inventor
Prof Matthew Yuen
Technical Advisor
Professor, HKUST
Thomas Wan
Business Planning
Former Managing Director,
Jardine One Solution (China) Ltd.
Dr. Terry Chang
Engineering Consultant
PhD, Mechan Engineering, HKUST
Founder, New World Cad/Cam Consultant
Dr. Boris Yim
Engineering Consultant
PhD, Aero Space Science, Beijing University