Ultimate Seal™

Ultimate Seal™ is a green technology to reduce carbon footprint: 

Ultimate Seal™ Technology

Ultimate Seal™ Technology

  • Minimize fuel consumption
  • Enhance machine power
  • reduce maintenance

Proven at 4,000 bar ultrahigh pressure and 600OC, this dynamic seal technology is invented to provide only negligible friction for super fuel saving.

  • High Pressure
  • High Temperature
  • High Speed
  • Long Lasting


  • Almost zero-leak
  • 10,000 bar proven
  • Excellent durability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Frictions almost negligible
  • Withstand -220OC to +550OC
  • Anti-corrosive (plated with gold)


  • Easy installation
  • No redesigned needed
  • No additional tools or parts


  • Normal or extreme work conditions
  • Static or dynamic sealing
  • Reciprocal or rotary movements