About Ultimate Seal™ Technology

Disruptive dynamic seal technology that can basically replace all current seal products.

Ultimate Seal™ Technology

Ultimate Seal™ Technology

  • Proprietary dynamic seal technology
  • Invented by Korean partner Moses Chang
  • Perfected by Hong Kong partner Stanley Ko
  • Applicable to both linear and rotary machine movements
  • Proven at 4,000 bar ultrahigh pressure and 600OC high temperature

Effective and durable dynamic sealing is always a headache in the industry.

  • Current seal products are known to be easily corroded and tend to leak
  • Must be renewed frequently
  • Maintenance cost is high
  • More costly for unavoidable machine downtime
  • Seal friction substantially hindering machine efficiency


Special characteristics to breakthrough bottlenecks of stubborn industrial problems.

  • Fully IP protected
  • Machine users pay less for fuel
  • Negligible friction for super fuel saving
  • Withstands even concentrated acids or alkaline solutions
  • Customers able to build more powerful machines at lower costs


No entry barrier for machine manufacturers to apply this technology to replace the old ones.

  • Easy to install
  • Highly compatible
  • No need to change original machine design