Business Strategy

Our path to profit is through aggressive technology licensing programme.

  • Patents applied: > 40
  • Patents granted: 9
  • Patents ready to apply: > 100


Traditional seal products can only slow down leak process but not able to stop it completely.

Ultimate Seal™ Technology

Ultimate Seal™ Technology


Improve/upgrade performance of machine products and cut down fuel consumptions for worldwide machine manufacturers of:

  • Marine vessels
  • Hydraulic machine products
  • High Pressure Pump Products
  • Internal combustion machine products


Different business strategies to deal with different markets.

  • Technology licensing and sales of seal products to the world market.
  • To avoid illegal reproduction in China, only finished machines highly improved and upgraded by Ultimate Seal Technology will be sold.

World Market Sales Channel

  • Selling through multinational seal distributors to the world market (e.g. Trelleborg).

Chinese Market Development

  • Partnering with domain experts of different industrial sectors to form JVs respectively.
  • Integrate Ultimate Seal Technology into different machine systems for the best machine performance.
  • JVs will only design and sell machine products.
  • Assigning all manufacturing works to outside OEM factory partners.
  • Selling through existing sales channels of JV partners